Heavy lifting & Haulage

We are specialist in customer driven and tailor-made heavy lifting and transporting solutions at any onshore and offshore location. Our package include certified lifting equipments such as mobile and crawler cranes, complete lifting accessories and experienced crew. We also provide rigging study, lift plan, calculations and drawings. We are capable 24/7on call services and have Saudi Aramco and Third party certified Operators and Riggers (Level I, II, III).

Electro-Mechanical works

Electro-Mechanical works

  • Turn-Key Plant Expansion works.
  • Steel fabrication Works.
  • Process pipework.
  • Decommissioning/Plant Demolition Works.
  • Plant and Machinery Installations.
  • Laying high tension and low tension cables through both underground and above ground facilities.
  • Erection of panel boards and other electrical equipment.
  • Termination of cables including splicing and gliding.
  • Cable installation & joining.
  • Electrical Testing and Inspection.
  • Final commissioning & certification.
  • Supply and Installation of site facilities.
  • Civil Works

    Civil Works

  • Construction of Equipment Foundations, Pipe Rack Foundations, Pipe Support Foundations, Cable Trenches.
  • Underground piping work, Catch Basins, Manholes, Sump Pits, Reservoirs, Cooling Towers etc.
  • Chemical Coating and painting work.
  • Fence work, asphalt work, concrete paving works etc.
  • Industrial Buildings including electrical, HVAC, Fire Fighting, False Ceiling and False Flooring, Tiling, Plastering, Painting work etc.
  • All kind of Doors, Windows, Louvers etc.
  • Structural Steel work such as construction of Ware House, Compressor Shelter, Transformer Shelter, Pipe Rack, Equipment Support Str. etc.
  • Building renovation work, repair work, maintenance work etc.
  • Overhead Crane Maintenance

    Overhead Crane Maintenance

  • Our crane maintenance experts are conducting onshore & offshore Overhead Cranes Preventive Maintenance & Corrective Maintenance services in accordance with the relevant International Standards.
  • Lifting Equipment PM involves a series of checks as per the LEEA approved Checklist of Expertise or as provided by Client.
  • Our equipments enables us to test and certify a full range of lifting equipmentsupto 300 Ton.
  • Non-standard load tests are also engineered using Load Cells upto a range of 200 Ton.
  • To assist in our on-site operations we have a full range of test weights and calibrated load measuring equipments.