Chairman's Message

It is my pleasure to introduce to you our company, Falak Al Jezeera Contracting Company became a leading company that has proved its competence in the field. The major fields that Falak is doing are the general contracting and equipment rental which assist in the supporting activities in the oil and gas construction in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Falak also has enough and highly skilled, diverse. experienced manpower. Falak is one of the companies that pour grate attention to the labor rights and defends of the Kingdom rules and regulations towards the employees, Falak also supports the pioneer in its field, Falak also is a leader in supporting the civil society organization in its enlightment projects after schools. Falak has a long experience in this and received a lot of certificates from these organizations So, as a chairman of this company.

General Manager's Message

I am thankful to all my colleagues for making FALAK a huge realization. Decades before, it was a dream and now it turned to a reality. Not only do we have a past that we can be proud of, but we hold dear to our hearts, the future hopes and aspirations of the professionals who guide this company. Without doubt we have the people and the resources to lead this company to a bright future. We have reached thus far owing to hard work, dedication and determination of the team that drives this organization. We have earned the trust and respect of the giants of Saudi Company’s and I'm confident, that we will grow from strength to strength in our endeavour to make this company into one that delivers value and satisfaction to our growing base of valued clients. Our biggest assets have always been our small buthighly trained team of professional managers who are backed by a very able team of administrators.We have a clear vision about building on our strengths and our achievements. We are also trying to implement certain well efficient and effective policies, as they make the soul of FALAK.